Arijit lends his vocal prowess to the Bengali adaptation of ‘Gaaye Ja’

Mumbai, Jan 14: Singer Arijit Singh has lent his voice for the song ‘Eto Kiser Tara’, a Bengali rendition of ‘Gaaye Ja’.

Composed by Sunny M.R, the new song moulds the essence of the original into a charming Bengali version. ‘Gaaye Ja’ was originally penned by Shloke Lal, whereas the crooning rendition of the Bengali version is written by Arijit Singh.

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Arijit said: “Eto Kiser Tara is a heartfelt and inspiring melody that all kinds of listeners will enjoy. The original had won over many fans, and we hope the Bengali adaptation touches the world in the same way.”

‘Eto Kiser Tara’ talks about breaking free, embracing dreams and living life on our own terms. The track boasts of a captivating music video that features Shashank Dogra and Vartika Jha, with both the young stars showcasing sublime dance moves and stellar acting chops.

Talking about the song, Vartika Jha said: “Eto Kiser Tara is a song that celebrates the spirit of chasing dreams and crossing barriers. It was an absolute delight to tell the story of this song through our music video.”

Shashank Dogra echoed similar thoughts: “Eto Kiser Tara is a powerful song with an uplifting theme, and this is the vibe we have tried to recreate with the video. The audiences will surely relate with our labour of love.”

The song adds another feather to Oriyon Music’s illustrious and melodious cap. Founded by Arijit Singh and Tarsame Mittal, Oriyon Music is Arijit’s attempt at building a diverse and sprawling assortment of non-film music, with the singer himself experimenting in many different genres under the label.

The company also provides a robust platform for India’s emerging artists to showcase their immense potential.

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