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Quantum AI Global opens new office in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Sep 14 : Quantum AI Global, a leading innovator in deep tech solutions, having its headquarters in New Jersey, on Wednesday evening announced the opening of its new office at Hitech City in Hyderabad.
This event marks a significant milestone as it continues to push the boundaries of technology in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Quantum technologies, the company said in a release.
This new office serves as a testament to Quantum AI Global’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its dedication to advancing India and placing it as a global frontier.
Quantum AI Global products are making waves not just in technology but also in society. Our commitment to meaningful impact is evident through groundbreaking products, with HealMed™ leading the charge.
Addressing the urgent need for mental health support, HealMed™ is more than software; it’s a lifeline. In collaboration with IIIT Basara, we’ve initiated a pilot program, making mental health care accessible to students. Our vision at Quantum AI Global goes beyond technology. It’s about creating positive change, said CEO Sanjay Chittore.
Quantum AI Global’s products have found a receptive market with a strong client base eagerly adopting their solutions.

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