DGCA gives nod to Zooom airlines to commence operations

New Delhi, Sep 16 : The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has given its nod to Zooom airlines to commence commercial passenger operations in India.

Zooom airlines or Zexus Air, initially established in April 2013, acquired its first aircraft, a Bombardier CRJ200.

However, it only commenced operations in February 2017.

Despite its efforts, the airline struggled to draw significant air passenger traffic.

Due to safety concerns, the DGCA suspended its air operator certificate in July 2018 for a period exceeding a year.

“Receiving the Air Operator Certificate is a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety and operational excellence. We are grateful to our dedicated team for helping us reach this significant milestone. With our AOC in hand, we are looking forward to providing passengers with a top-notch travel experience that combines convenience, efficiency, and comfort,” said Zooom Airlines CEO Atul Gambhir.

“Our CRJ 200 aircraft will provide domestic travellers with unprecedented speed on each route. We wish to cater to the growing number of domestic travellers who take frequent flights and expect comfortable travel with reliable speed,” said Gambhir.

“Indian domestic aviation is growing, and customers are looking for the most cost-effective, safe, and convenient solutions. We are confident in our ability to carve out a niche by offering a unique and innovative travel experience.”


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