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Jan 30: Woman earning in lacs by sending messages. A tiktoker says she makes money by just texting video went viral. Text SMS chatting with just one person (Love Chatting) and the young lady has become wealthy. A young woman has earned a whopping Rs 1.5 lakh per month.

For three years, this young woman has earned millions of rupees a month just by sending SMS. The young woman has revealed this by releasing a video. The video posted by this young woman has been viewed by over seven million people so far. Many people have gone astray after seeing this strange means of earning money.


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It may seem strange to hear that someone was sending millions of rupees to this young lady just to send a message, but it is true!

The girl’s name is Bailey Hunter, this young woman was working in a hotel. She met a rich customer at the hotel. The customer then tipped Bailey Hunter. Bailey was also given his contact number while giving the note. Bailey first texted the man to thank him for the tip. And then the chatting started from here.

The young lady has made a big disclosure about her earnings on the Tiktok account @xbaileyhunter. Sharing the video, this young lady has said that she has earned lakhs of rupees through SMS.

Bailey Hunter was working at a restaurant called Buffalo Wild Wings. At that time, a customer had come to the restaurant for dinner with a young woman younger than him. Bailey calls this young man Sugar Daddy. After dinner, the customer paid Bailey more than the bill.

The bill was Rs 2900. But this customer with a heart of sea gave Bailey a tip of Rs 7400. He also gave his card to Bailey Hunter. When Bailey sent a thank you SMS to the number on the card. So in reply, this good man asked her, “You deserve a tip, and when are you going to serve us dinner again?” He also said that he would come back when you were going to serve dinner.

This is where the conversation between the two grew. After that, the conversation between the two grew with the intention of earning more money. The two started talking every day on a messaging app. After this, the two became close as they chatted in friendship. After this, the poor man started giving money to Benny for texting. Many times this man helped Benny financially.

When Bailey told this man about his financial situation. So he started sending money to Benny without telling him. The young woman claimed in her video that the man was helping Benny only in exchange for a TEXT SMS.

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