Vacation homes with a difference ‘Sundays Forever Stays’

New Delhi, July 27 : While people make memories, a beautifully situated vacation home and impeccable hospitality can transform a good vacation into a memorable experience. Sundays Forever handpicks and curates the best vacation homes and boutique hotels in the country. They add their flawless brand of hospitality and transform them into unforgettable stays.

It’s unique selling point is that it goes beyond a booking platform. It will operate on a full-service model, with it overseeing all operations of the holiday homes and boutique resorts. This model is what distinguishes it as a two-sided marketplace: one for travellers and one for property owners. It is a dependable, flexible, and convenient way for homeowners to earn extra money from home without any hassles.

Priyanka Kaul, a media professional, says, “I started ‘Sundays Forever Stays’ last year with the goal of creating a collection of handpicked and curated vacation homes and hotels.” What began as a hobby with three properties has now grown into a full-fledged business with 22 properties. Sundays Forever Designs’ clients include fashion designer Ritu Beri’s holiday home in Mussoorie, film actress Himani Shivpuri’s heritage home in Nanital, and the palace of Bhinai Garh in Ajmer. The homestays feature properties like:

The Woods, Chail Himachal Pradesh: A nice cosy cottage in Chail has 5 bedrooms for a bigger family vacations.

Casa Bouganvillea, Goa: An authentic Goan-Portughese house that got its name from the colourful tangle of bougainvillea that rings the house.It is located in Calvim, a beautiful Goan village by the river. The cosy 3-bedroom villa is perfect for a family getaway or a vacation to just rejuvenate yourself. The house comes with a sun kissed garden, dotted with shady trees and a hammock just waiting for you.

Hilltop Cottage, Mussoorie, Uttakarkhand: Hill top is a cosy one bedroom with exquisite views. With big windows that help you not just see but feel the ever changing moods of the mountains. With an inviting bedroom and living room, this tiny cottage is perfect for a couple. It also has an outside seating space and a private garden to enjoy the views, the food and the spirit of the hills.

Thistle House, Bhimtal: Thistle House is a beautiful four bedroom cottage in the middle of Bhimtal. With a beautiful garden and an even better gazebo it is the perfect place to get away for the city. The cottage has two bedrooms on each floor with a small terrace on the first floor for barbeques and born fires. There is a small study for a work from home corner. The living room overlooks the garden and keeps you warm with a stunning fire place. The lake is ten minutes away from the cottage, a boating trip is always welcome.

Bhinaigarh Fort, Bhinai, Rajasthan: This property is opening soon.

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