What ‘Lock Upp’ winner Munawar Faruqi says about Kangana Ranaut


Mumbai, May 8 : Curiosity was high on how Kangana Ranaut and Munawar would get along on ‘Lock Upp’ as both of them have very different opinions on diverse matters.

Kangana Ranaut has made strong comments on the Muslim community on social media and been banned from one, and Munawar, the winner of ‘Lock Upp’, hails from that community.

After winning the show and becoming the first-ever winner of ‘Lock Upp’, Munawar expressed his opinion on the Bollywood superstar.

Munawar told IANS: “Kangana is very professional and committed to her work and that is something I have learned from her. As long as we are respectful of each other’s opinions it is okay. I would also like to thank Ekta Kapoor for making me part of the show.”

The stand-up comic holds the experience of the show very close to his heart and decided to utilise his creativity.

Being a rapper, Munawar also mentioned, ” I am not trying too hard but soon I know I will write a song or rap about the whole experience.”

Munawar won a cheque of Rs 20 lakh and a brand new car and a paid trip to Italy on the reality show ‘Lock Upp’ that was hosted by Kangana Ranaut.

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