Actor Ranveer Singh’s nude photo for forensic test, Mumbai Police in action

Mumbai, Sep 27 : Mumbai police will send the photos of Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh to the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) to verify his claim that one of his nude photos that went viral was morphed.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone VI) Krishna Kant Upadhyay on Tuesday said that during the investigation he has sent us all the pictures that were taken during the photo shoot (by a New York-based magazine).

The photos that were doing the rounds on social media were not in the collection he submitted to us. Hence, we will send all the pictures to FSL, to verify if any one of them was actually tampered with and morphed.

Sources said that if the FSL report endorses the actor’s claim he would be absolved of all the charges.

On August 29, the police had summoned the actor as part of the investigation against him posing in the buff.

During questioning, Singh told them that photos were tampered with. In one such photo his genitals were allegedly visible.

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