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Olympic cameraman films cockroach in the middle of a hockey match:Watch viral video

The clip, which has gone viral all over Twitter, has amassed many reactions from people around the world. The video has racked up a whopping 5 million views on the microblogging platform. 5 million views for this video – and counting

Video Courtesy – Twitter

This year’s Olympic Games are giving us a good dose of viral news and videos. The latest one to send us laughing is a clip from the women’s hockey match between Spain and Argentina as aired on an Argentinian TV channel. Argentina stole the match while a cockroach stole our laughs. Wondering what we mean? Well, just when a replay of a shot was to be played on broadcast, viewers saw a cockroach blissfully waddling on the field. The cameraman must have taken great interest in the creature as he focussed on it for quite a few seconds. But, perhaps to safeguard the cockroach’s privacy, the camera was soon turned back to the match. 

A user noted its historical importance and wrote, “Representing arthropods for the first time in the history of the Olympic games.”

Representando a los artrópodos por primera vez en la historia de los juegos olímpicos. Kukavo Ladora lleva el oro a su ciudad natal por los 15 metros planos.— wuschel (@ElWuschel) July 27, 2021

A few have called it the “animal Olympics.”

animal olympic— ayaya (@fiqeulour) July 29, 2021

Many are busy thinking about the cockroach and the five seconds of fame it received without asking for it.

Cockroach: I going to get some food and bring back home.. Wait~Someone looking at me..— Jethro Khong (@jetk13) July 29, 2021

The commentary, too, stole the show. One Twitter user exaggerated and called it a “cinematic genius” the way the cockroach turned to look towards the camera just as the commentator took its name.

this is a cinematic genius. the way he announces la cucaracha and the cucaracha in question turns around and presents itself. its beautiful.— ツ franco (@ARTOFDECEPTlON) July 28, 2021

Users couldn’t help but get the wildlife documentary vibes from the clip. One wrote, “From Olympics to national geographic real quick.” 

from olympics to national geographic real quick ????— ‘ (@muhdalhaqeem_) July 29, 2021

Some users mused that the cameraman behind the act could be a wildlife enthusiast. On his behalf, a user implored National Geographic to give him a job.

Cameraman clearly wants a job with @NatGeo instead, hire the poor man already.— Sharanya (@sharanyavisual) July 29, 2021

Yet some others thought the production team was up for some fun with this switching of scenes between the match and a roaming insect.

I love that the production team is just enjoying themselves— Kirino Supremacy ???? (@swaecheeks) July 29, 2021

Some Twitteratis explained that cockroaches were a rare sight in Japan and the coverage, from that point of view, was rather interesting.

I mean cockroaches is a rare sight in Japan. I’d record it too— chaotic hooman #Repeal377A (@chaotichooman) July 29, 2021

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