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Trinity’s Naba Jaubana Besa today there

Puri, Jul 9 : Devotees waited for a long time to experience the Naba Jaubana Besa of trinity during which the rejuvenated Trinity would come out of the sick room after recovering from fever.

After the bathing in ceremony of Lord Jagannath and his siblings are considered to have been ill. As such they are kept in Anasara Ghara (Anasara Room / Leisure Room) within the temple complex for treatment. They remain in seclusion for a period of 15 days. Then on the New Moon day of Asadh (June – July), they come out of their Leisure Room fresh and invigorated to give a darshan to their beloved devotees, putting on attractive robes. Since they attain a youthful and fresh look, the adomment is called the Naba Jauban Besha.

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