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Trinity of Sri Jagannath temple to return SriMandir today

Puri, Jul 20 : Lord Jagannath along with his siblings elder brother Balabhadra and sister Debi Subhadra after their nine-day sojourn at their Janma Bedi (birthplace) Gundicha temple began their return journey to Srimandir on Tuesday.
Both the temples and three chariots were decorated with colourful flowers and the festival schedule has been advanced by about four hours.
While as per the programme released by the temple administration Pahandi was to begin at noon it began at 7.40 AM.
Today’s rituals commenced very early as Mangal arati was performed at 4 am followed by Mailum, Tadap lagi, Abakash, Surya Puja, Dwarpal puja, Rosa home, and then Gopal blog and Khichdi bhog was offered.
The Daita servitors fix Kusum and Chhena Patta (body armours) to the deities to enable them to bear the stress of Pahandi.
After Mangalarpan huge floral Tiaras (head gears) were fixed and Daita servitors conduct the deities in Dhadi pahandi (in line ) in a colourful procession headed by temple musicians playing Cymbals, mrudang, conch, clarinet, and Ghantas.
Elder brother Balabhadra led the Pahandi followed by Debi Subhadra and finally Lord Jagannath to their respective chariots.
While Balabhadra was installed atTaladhwaj, chariot, Devi Subhadra was taken to Darpadalan chariot and finally, lord Jagannath boarded Nandighosh rath.
The ceremonial Pahandi was over at 10.20am.
At 11 AM Gajapati Dibyasingh Deb riding Mehena ( decorated palanquin carried by servitors on shoulders) arrived near the chariots and performed ceremonial Chherapahanra (sweeping around the deities on three chariots) with a broom.
Thereafter the servitors fix wooden horses to the chariots, place a Marathi(Charioteer) on each ratha, set brakes and tie ropes to the chariots before pulling began.
Lord Balabhadra on his Taladhwaj Rath starts rolling first then Debi Subhadra in Her Darpadalan Rath and in the end comes lord Jagannath riding his Nandighosh rath.
As per the SOP servitors with RT-PCR test negative reports could participate in the fete. Each chariot would be pulled by five hundred servitors.
The administration anticipating a bright Sunny day have deployed fire services personnel with their machines to flood the Badadanda and sprinkle cool water on barefoot servitors pulling the chariots along the 3km long grand road.
On Wednesday the famous Sunavesha of deities would be observed on the three rathas.
Amid tight security in adherence to standard operating procedure (SOP) issued by the state government to contain the Covid-19 virus, the chariots will roll down on the Grand road brought under a 48-hour curfew from Monday night.
All the roads leading to this pilgrim city have been sealed and CCTV and drone cameras are keeping a close vigil. The three chariots are expected to reach Lions gate before the Sunset today.

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