Security forces and Naxalites clash at the border, two serious SOGs arrive in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, Jul 10 : Security forces and the Naxals have clashed on the Boudh-Kandhamal border. IG Amitabh Thakur said the exchange of fire had been going on for more than four hours. Security forces and the Naxals exchanged fire in the Uma forest. Two SOG youths were seriously injured in the exchange of fire. They were airlifted to Bhubaneswar for treatment. A special ambulance has been set up at Bhubaneswar airport. Security has also been tightened. Javan was taken to AIIMS after the helicopter landed.

The entire area was sealed off after receiving information that the Maoists were hiding. Gunfire is still raging in the area. The KKBN Mao organization is active here. The operation is said to be underway in the forests near Narayan Prasad and Uma Panchayats on the Buddhist and Kandhamal border. One helicopter is said to have been involved in the anti-Mao operation

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