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Odisha begins supply of nano-urea fertilizers

Bhubaneswar, Jul 8 : Good news for Odisha farmers. The state has started supplying nano-urea fertilizers through IFFCO to the state from today. Supply for Odisha has started from the Kallol factory in Gujarat. This fertilizer, made by indigenprocedure can be used as an alternative to urea.

The application of this fertilizer will reduce the cost of production of the crop and inturn benefit the farmers . It will provide nutritional value steadily according to the necessity of plants . The crop will absorb it soon, resulting in increased yields.As a result of the application of this fertilizer, the photosynthesis of the crop will be better able and accelerated. There is no residue left in the soil after the application of this fertilizer. As a result, soil fertility is maintained. The use of nano-urea increases crop drought tolerance. This fertilizer will also help reduce global warming which inturn reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from soils. Soil, water and air pollution can also be reduced by applying this fertilizer.

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