US Senate advances trillion-dollar infrastructure Bill

Washington : The US Senate secured enough votes to limit debate on a near $1 trillion infrastructure package.

The Senate on Wednesday voted 67-32 to advance the bipartisan infrastructure package.

US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said he expects the upper chamber to pass the legislation before lawmakers leave for the August recess, which is scheduled for August 9.

This same bill failed to pass the procedural vote last week when Democrats and Republicans were still in middle of negotiating a deal on the package.

Earlier on Wednesday, a bipartisan group of senators, including Rob Portman, a Republican, and Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat, agreed on a $987 billion dollars package, which includes some $550 billion in new federal spending.

The bill, whose price tag would reach $1.2 trillion if extended for eight years, includes some $40 billion on bridge repair and rehabilitation, while $17.5 billion will be invested in projects that are either large or complex for traditional funding programs. Also, about $39 billion will be invested to modernize transit and to improve accessibility for people with disabilities and for the elderly. Some $73 billion will be devoted to clean drinking water and $21 billion will got to environmental remediation.

Former President Donald Trump, who despite not holding any office continues to wield significant influence over the Republican Party, threatened GOP lawmakers with stiff opposition at primary elections should they go through with the deal.


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