One Green – Asia’s largest online store for everything pure, safe, and green that validates the brands and their claims, launches in India

OneGreen uses its algo-based tool to validate claims of brands, do certification checks to ensure that making conscious lifestyle choices is now at consumers’ finger-tips, convenient and assured

Gurgaon : As the levels of consciousness towards a healthy, cleaner, and greener lifestyle become increasingly prominent and brands face greater scrutiny, both at a consumer as well as at an accreditation level, the need to be transparent has become extremely important and basic. The proliferation of such terms like ‘pure’, ‘safe’, ‘green’, ‘eco’ and ‘organic’ in marketing and the lack of credibility makes it harder for consumers to find genuine, more well-intentioned brands, both small and big.

Therefore, to help today’s perceptive and conscious consumers to find a solution to their needs in one place and also give them the assurance of finding genuine products and brands, OneGreen has stepped in as the unique one-stop-shop in this space.

OneGreen Index is an in-house proprietary algo-based tool that gives A-level assurance to the consumers about the brands and their claims. This comes from conducting intensive audits on the brands signing up, followed by a rigorous process of Certification check and various other manual checks by experts, thereby making the OneGreen Index one of the most potent, extensive, and comprehensive ‘green’ checks to exist in India. 

Because today’s consumer is more passionate and aware than ever before and is also ready to pay a premium for organic, sustainable and pure brands, this tool is a complete life-saver of its kind. The conscious consumer will find making mindful choices a lot convenient and assured now as this is the first time, a horizontal marketplace is offering a platform-level checks and assurance.

Founders Abhijit Bhattacharya and Neha Gahlaut realized the struggling of first finding a sustainable and organic product in the market and then spending days on researching about its authenticity. “Our decision to make a switch to conscious living was easy but, unfortunately, executing it wasn’t. We weren’t expecting to come across two challenges almost immediately into our green journey. First, we couldn’t find sustainable and organic products easily. Once we did, we weren’t sure if the product was actually organic, pure, green, and sustainable or if they just claimed it. There were no specific quality checks at the store-end to ensure if products are as authentic or organic as they claim to assure the conscious consumer,” state the duo.

About OneGreen:

OneGreen ( is Asia’s largest online store for anything and everything pure, safe, natural, green, and sustainable. It is the house of multiple categories – helping today’s modern consumer make easy and smart choices from personal care to groceries and staples; from baby to intimate hygiene, from home care to food and beverage and healthy snacks – aiming to satisfy an array of needs of its consumers in terms of availability and by assuring them of the quality. 

Some of the prominent brands listed on the marketplace are Epigamia, Soulfull, Nourish Organics, Vahdam Teas, Snackible, SuperBottoms, The MomsCo, Conscious Foods, Neemli Naturals, Timios, The Whole Truth, Wingreens, Shumee, Dr Sheths, Native Tongue, Carmesi, Azah, Pop Goes the Art, Bare Necessities, and Bella Vita to name a few. The focus is also on providing smaller, ethical brands with the same exposure as well, making OneGreen an exclusive seller of multiple brands.


Abhijit Bhattacharya, Founder and Chief Business Officer:

Abhijit Bhattacharya is an e-commerce first-mover in India and has been in this domain for almost a decade now. With 16 years of rich and relevant experiences across companies like Flipkart, PayU, Disney and Reckitt Benckiser, Abhijit has hands-on experience in setting up e-commerce brands and scaling them to profitable businesses.

Neha Gahlaut, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer:

Neha Gahlaut is a CPG/FMCG and CMI veteran with a germane understanding of consumers in India via her extensive working experiences with Kantar and L’Oréal, where she also spearheaded the research function for personal care products. She is also a serial entrepreneur and has built India’s largest digital research wing for women and mothers.


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