Prateek Kuhad’s ‘Shehron Ke Raaz’ released

Mumbai : Singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad’s music has a refreshing and calming effect on its listeners. The celebrated independent artiste is best known for his track “Cold/Mess”, which was included in former US President Barack Obama’s “Favorite Music of 2019” list. He went on to become a youth icon for music aficionados with his melodious voice. The official music video of Prateek’s latest song, ‘Shehron Ke Raaz’, was released on Thursday night on his YouTube channel. 

Prateek Kuhad Releases Music Video of His Song 'Shehron Ke Raaz'

Prateek, who’s currently working on new music overseas, is excited about the music video. He said: “I’m super excited about the ‘Shehron Ke Raaz’ music video. I have been waiting to share it for a while.” Directed by award-winning filmmaker Reema Sengupta, the music video moves at a narcotic pace but is as lush and leisurely as the track itself. Interestingly, the brand new drop also marks Kuhad’s sincere attempt of employing dance as the central theme in his music video for the first time.

Prateek and Reema have worked together in the past for one of the earlier songs of his career, ‘Tum Jab Paas’, which went on to become a big hit with the youth. Prateek said: “I worked with Reema on ‘Tum Jab Paas’ last time around and we’ve known each other for many years. She’s a dear friend and a brilliant filmmaker.” Throwing light on the vision behind the music video, Reema, who’s widely celebrated for her short film “Counterfeit Kunkoo”, said: “Prateek and I have been working together for many years, and it was exciting to put together his first dance music video.”

“Shehron Ke Raaz’ felt so beautifully nostalgic to me. I knew I had to create a visual mood that feels the same. Every city has its stories of hidden love that play out in fleeting glances, secret dates, and coded gestures. “I wanted to explore what that romance would look like if the world wasn’t watching. I wanted to make this feel rooted and real, and have this couple’s little fantasy of romance play out within that reality. Something that feels, at once, old-worldly and contemporary. And hopefully, emotionally timeless,” she added.

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