Lilly Singh shares snap with Diljit Dosanjh with a sweet caption

Mumbai, Jul 11 : Singer Diljit Dosanjh and YouTuber Lilly Singh recently met and bonded over their shared Punjabi roots. She also shared an image with Dosanjh on her Instagram along with a sweet caption. Her post has now sparked a chatter and prompted people to share love-filled comments.

“You know, @diljitdosanjh is a real one when he comes through after two days of non-stop shooting, no matter how late, just to say wuddup. Punjabiyan de connectttt. Also, there’s nothing I won’t do to see this man win even more. What a force. Punjabi music to the universe. If you don’t know, hop on Apple Music/Spotify/your neighbour’s wifi one time and see what’s up. Diljit Dosanjh you can thank me later when you are doing bhatka (squats) three pegs (dranks) in with your Nana Ji (me),” she wrote while sharing the picture.

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