Petrol and Diesel prices dips in capital city of Odisha

Bhubaneswar, Jul 16 : Petrol and diesel prices have dropped again in the capital city of Odisha on Saturday. The cost of petrol has dropped by 37 Paise and the diesel rate by 1 Paise in the last 24 hours. Petrol price has been recorded at Rs 102.36 per litre while the diesel price stands at Rs 97.94 per litre.

The petrol prices stood above Rs 100 for a time being now in all districts of Odisha. Moreover Malkangiri has topped the list with the highest petrol price at Rs 107.73 per litre.

On Friday, the petrol price was recorded at Rs 102.73 per litre while the diesel price was recorded at Rs 97.95 per litre.

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