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Age Is In the Mind Only: Post Middle-aged ‘Sasuma’ Works Out In Gym In Saree With Bahu. Watch Her video

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Health has to be with you till you have your last breath. So, fitness is that  what matters regardless of the age and from where one comes from. It is not always the track-suit clad gymnast who can drive health care and fitness in a professional gym. Watch out for this lady(Sasuma) how at 56 she inspires not only her daughter-in-law but a mass of health freaks.

Watching that you eat healthy and taking care of your fitness has massive positive impacts on your mind, body and overall well-being. And it’s never to late to start your fitness journey. This 56-year-old is inspiring thousands of netizens to hit the gym regularly, no matter their age or what they wear.

The gym and weightlifting is not just for young men, a desi sasuma (mom-in-law) is breaking these stereotypes, making people call her ‘fitness goals’. A now-viral video shows the woman wearing a saree and doing a deadlift, kettlebell row, bench press, and barbell squat. The woman was suffering from severe knee and leg pain around four years ago. Her son, who owns a gym, researched a lot about treatment and concluded that his mother must start exercising. That’s when her workout journey began.

Since then, the 56-year-old has been doing weight training and powerlifting with her daughter-in-law, which has not only cured her pain but also keeps her fit. Her inspirational journey is now winning hearts online. Humans of Madras and Madras Barbell shared the video on Instagram which has received over 1.5 million views and 98k likes.

Watch video here:

The caption says, “She’s 56. So what? She wears a saree and casually does powerlifting & pushups!” read a part of the detailed caption posted alongside the video. The caption adds, “Age is just a number – rightly proves one of the powerful, (young by heart), inspiring mothers-in-law. Her dedicated & supportive daughter-in-law works out with her regularly too. Isn’t this called ‘growing with each other?’ How inspiring is this to watch!”

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