‘Dum Laga Ke India’, the food chain which matches with revolution of food

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Hunger knows no boundaries. Any human has a bonding for food as the life without breath falters down to nothing. Food is the most essential and sought after thing in human life as it is for any living being.

That way, food has the essence of change for every eater and each day passing our craving for newness in food goes under change. A branded chain known for making dishes such as Biriyani has its place of repute.

It is a universal truth that food brings people together and is the ingredient that ties people together, and speaking about it, the brand Biryani By Kilo, a Biryani and Kebab delivery chain, launches a web series ‘Dum LagaKe India’, to highlight renowned personalities from various backgrounds who have carved out a niche for themselves in their respective areas but share a common bond-Biryani.

Vishal Jindal, Co- CEO and Founder of Biryani By Kilo, tells IANSlife how each episode shows their appreciation for authentic local food while also recording a few amusing moments and memories related to the place. While the show takes you on a tour to depict the culinary secrets of culture-rich cities, it delicately incorporates BBK’s flavorful dum biryani.

How did the concept for a show come about?

Vishal Jindal: Authenticity is one of our core values at Biryani By Kilo (BBK). And keeping that in mind, we have produced this show ‘Dum LagaKe India’ that takes our viewers on a visual journey to four cities and captures the food and culture of those cities. Tapping into the soul of these cities and also making it informative, culturally exciting, and entertaining for everyone. Since we are a biryani brand and authentic biryani mandates to be given ‘Dum’ in closed handi to capture the flavours and aroma, through this series, want to showcase the ‘Dum’ of India through the talented celebrities who embody the youth and talent of India.

What difficulties did you face while developing the show?

Vishal Jindal: Deciding which cities should be explored, whom to cast as our host and guest celebrities and who to approach were all difficult choices. India is such a culturally vast country, and every city and every state is known widely for their unique cuisines, the spices they use, the method of cooking, and many more aspects that are involved in making food such a wonderful identity for each state.

Do you intend to explore any cities other than Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore?

Vishal Jindal: For now, we are just thrilled to have been able to make this show and hope the viewers enjoy what we have to offer. However given that so many cities have to offer so much in terms of culture and diversity, we would love to explore more cities and food in future seasons of the show.

How different would this content be for viewers compared to other shows on food and culture?

Vishal Jindal: There have been shows on food and culture in the past for sure, however, Indian-origin shows of this level with high relatability and Entertainment Quotient might not have been there before. With Dum LagaKe India we have tapped four cities and four celebrities Vaani Kapoor, PV Sindhu, Armaan Malik and Pranitha Subhash with our host Chef Ranveer Brar, who takes our viewers on an exciting and visually delicious tour of the food and culture of their cities. The four celebrities talk about their life, and favourite dishes and give a new colour to their respective cities.

What kind of investment has the brand made, and what results or expectations does the brand have from it?

Vishal Jindal: The Dum in DLKI is not there for linguistic fun alone – it is there because we believe in the Dum(Strength) of India. So, when you ask us about outcomes, it is about bringing this show & Biryani, which is an India Heritage dish, to its full glory, not just in India but across the world. Biryani is one of the most popular dishes in the world, one pot meal, gluten-free, aromatic & flavoursome, delivery-friendly and great comfort food. And along with it, we take the BBK story, and our biryani too. As far as the investment in the show, we have spent around Rs 5 crore this season.

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