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A Snow Blanketed Himalayan tip with that ancient temple in the video, just watch that!

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That is what the mood of sometimes leave us awe-struck. Some glorious preserves and some monumental ruins leading us through the meandering tracks of the heritage.

just look at that majestic snow capped Himalayan mountains, which possess unfailing characteristics to mesmerize people. And have a glimpse of that the breathtaking video of over Himalayas’ highest Shiva temple has left Norwegian diplomat Erik Solheim awestruck over its beauty.

Watch Video Here:

One does not know for how many centuries this ancient shrine has been there in the lap of that mountain peaks totally enveloped by an apron of snow and an aerial 360 view tby the temple partially blanketed by snow.

And what a music heard being chanted from the background ‘Namo Namo.. from a movie.


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